Channel S (Bangladesh)

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Tipologia: Canale gratuito

Visibilità: Nessuna restrizione geografica

Lingua: Bengalese

Genere: Intrattenimento

Sito Web: link

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Channel S is satellite television in Bangladesh, it is Completely Entertainment Television. We are waiting for commercial transmission. It began test transmission on 11 January 2016. Very soon Channel S will be put in Bangabandhu Satellite-1 (Bangladeshi Owned Satellite). Hopefully, Channel S covered all over Bangladesh except a few areas of Dhaka City.
Satellite transmission and free to on-air reception within Asia is covering the Middle East and Asia-Pacific. Europe, Australia, Africa, Canada and America region will be cover through double-hop satellite transmission/ Internet/ DTH/ fiber connectivity on conditional subscription policy earning foreign currency.

Satellite info : Satellite : AsiaSat 7 ; Position : 105.5°E ; Beam EIRP (dBW) : C ; Frequency : 3725 V ; Symbol Rate : 5.00 MSps ; System : DVB-S2 – MPEG-4/HD


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